, thanks for clicking by. I’m Gwyn, have a mouse around below and get in touch if you’d like to know more about my WordPress / web development services. Here’s the latest AgaveWeb news from Facebook and Twitter.

David Kerr sure knows how to design a good-looking site, and once again, it’s my pleasure to code them. Presenting the YDA’s new site to showcase their young documentarians’ work and attract new students:

1 week ago

Hello loyal likees! Can I interest you in my latest David Kerr Design Inc collaboration? Kenneth says of his site relaunch. “It’s like a facelift and tummy tuck without any pain!” How’s your site looking these days?

1 month ago

And then we’ve a site designed by Paula Doubleday of her eponymous Design company. Presenting http://www.cattermoleconsulting.com – A gorgeous, responsive site for Amanda Cattermole’s chemical management services. Amanda’s already done a stellar job making all the updates to the site using the #WordPress admin.

5 months ago

Two beautiful new sites launched today, first off: CurlsBartling.com designed by David Kerr, for a boutique law firm just off of Lake Merritt in O-Town, California. Features responsive design and loving attention to detail.

5 months ago

Not a security update, but features refinements to plugin management, installation en tu idioma, and some nice changes to the edit page. Updated a dozen or so of my personal sites and all’s well. Shout out if you need a hand with an upgrade. And as always, folks, BACK UP FIRST :)

6 months ago

Click / swipe on over to http://reinventurecapital.com/ to check out their awesome new one-page scrolling, mobile responsive #WordPress site. DKD’s innovative design, AgaveWeb on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery duty.

7 months ago

Clarity Advantage are ‘Seriously Social’, and now thanks to a collaboration between David Kerr, Paula Doubleday, Shannon Tilton and yours truly launched this very week, they’ve a site that’ll make their in-house promotion efforts a lot easier. We took at least 3 content management systems and streamlined them into one easy-to-update WordPress installation. The site loads faster, is clearer to navigate and looks beautiful from the tiniest mobile device upwards.

7 months ago

The free WordPress SlickQuiz plugin makes adding a questionnaire to your site a breeze. Coming up with the questions and answers is another matter altogether though… Try your luck with our latest project: http://agaveweb.com/msg/tequila-quiz/

8 months ago

And we’re back! Hitting the ground running with a site launch for Maffei Structural Engineering new #WordPress site. David Kerr’s innovative design, AgaveWeb’s coding nous. http://www.maffei-structure.com

8 months ago

Another week, another launch. Westlake Realty’s new web presence looks fantastic, and they seem pretty happy with how much easier this #WordPress site is to update. Quite proud of this latest David Kerr Design Inc + AgaveWeb collaboration.

8 months ago

Gwyn FisherMe, on holiday, in Oaxaca, Mexico - Thanks for clicking!

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    • Jenny Brewer

      LOVE this site... It blows my mind how close it is to perfect [...] So much thought went into this, and not just from a design view but from a let's GROW this business view. I am SO, SO, SO appreciative!

    • Neil Cambridge

      Just a quick note of thanks for all your work over the past week. In particular turnaround time and fabulous communication. As ever it’s a real pleasure working with you.

    • Liz Harvey

      Super nice, professional, creative, and affordable.

    • Chris Mark


      I hired Gwyn to modify a WordPress template for a company website. He was very responsive, professional, and did excellent work. While he quoted a price, he actually came in under budget. This is certainly rare in web design! Overall, I could not recommend him highly enough. Great job and very good service.

    • Jason Carreiro

      Gwyn is a superlative developer with excellent communication skills and deep knowledge of his craft. He's very adaptive and can roll with the punches of shifting timelines and client expectations. He brings value to every project he works on.

    • Matt Roberts

      I would highly recommend AgaveWeb if you need website design or redesign, and especially if you want a really good looking blog.
      Gwyn really knows his way around WordPress.

    • Laura Handzel

      I had the great pleasure of working closely with Mr. Fisher at Lewis & Clark Law School. His work is phenomenal, very personalized, and always professional. What makes him stand out even more though is his ability to talk to people in real terms and language about their vision. He then makes it a reality, but only much, much better.

    • Marian Alonso

      Working with you has been AWESOME. You are so fast and thorough and GOJoven is incredibly lucky to have been able to count on you for so long.

    • Talya Lutzker

      Ever since I started working with Gwyn as my Web Developer and all-around website IT guy, I have had NO ISSUES with having my website run smoothly and beautifully. He is communicative, wonderful to work with and talk to, gets back to me promptly and provides all-around excellent customer service to me and my company.

    • Tim Ferman

      We’re very excited about launching the site! You’ve been astounding to work with. Thanks for all your attention to detail and proactiveness.

    • Andrea Gleason

      Gwyn gave us an estimate and came in under budget!

      I highly recommend Gwyn both for the work that he does and for the personal and professional service that he does it with.

    • Julie Marchese

      Gwyn has been wonderful to work with. Very professional and incredibly responsive! He worked to get this new website up fast and we were not able to move as quick as he did. Thank you for an incredible website!

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