, thanks for clicking by. I’m Gwyn, have a mouse around below and get in touch if you’d like to know more about my WordPress / web development services. Here’s the latest AgaveWeb news from Facebook and Twitter.

Clarity Advantage are ‘Seriously Social’, and now thanks to a collaboration between David Kerr, Paula Doubleday, Shannon Tilton and yours truly launched this very week, they’ve a site that’ll make their in-house promotion efforts a lot easier. We took at least 3 content management systems and streamlined them into one easy-to-update WordPress installation. The site loads faster, is clearer to navigate and looks beautiful from the tiniest mobile device upwards.

1 week ago

The free WordPress SlickQuiz plugin makes adding a questionnaire to your site a breeze. Coming up with the questions and answers is another matter altogether though…

Try your luck with our latest project:

3 weeks ago

And we’re back! Hitting the ground running with a site launch for Maffei Structural Engineering new #WordPress site. David Kerr’s innovative design, AgaveWeb’s coding nous.

4 weeks ago

Another week, another launch. Westlake Realty’s new web presence looks fantastic, and they seem pretty happy with how much easier this #WordPress site is to update. Quite proud of this latest David Kerr Design Inc + AgaveWeb collaboration.

1 month ago

Just a note, the office will be closed from Thursday (10th July) till the 20th… In other news, anyone want to buy a fridge, sofa + chairs, microwave oven, double bed and an upright fan?

1 month ago

That whooshing sound you heard on Monday was probably Koff & Associates’ new AgaveWeb-coded #WordPress site launching. Public Sector HR Consulting never looked so good. Features include auto expiring posts, accordions, mobile responsiveness, and David Kerr’s unerring attention to detail in design and usability.

1 month ago

Todays’s AgaveWeb site launch is for Tom Dolby’s debut film, ‘Last Weekend’. Click/ scroll/ swipe around http://www.lastweekendfilm.com to enjoy Jason Carreiro’s design, Tom’s content and AgaveWeb’s coding.

2 months ago

This week we launched writer, Lee Geiger’s new site. Reimagined by David Kerr Design Inc and lovingly crafted into a slick, responsive #WordPress site by yours truly.

In other news, click over to AgaveWeb’s FB page (if you’re not there already) https://www.facebook.com/agaveweb now rocking Facebook’s latest format for business pages.

2 months ago

Our rmw.com site just won an Interactive Media Awards “Best in Class” for Architecture/Interior Design. Stellar design and planning from David Kerr Design Inc as is usually the case. http://www.interactivemediaawards.com/winners/certificate.asp?param=286236&cat=1

3 months ago

Yeah, I think AgaveWeb might need a logo… just saw a photo of this press release tweeted by @VictimsChamp

3 months ago

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