Julie Marchese and her friends needed a site to promote their sports club for female athletes in the Portland, Maine area.

I came up with a site that, in addition to the usual WordPress wonderfulness:

  • Is a fully-fledged membership solution.
    Users can register for different annual programs via a form that then processes payments and makes administrating and tracking members a breeze.
  • Members get access to:
    • a members-only forum
    • event calendar
    • photo gallery and
    • blog
  • There’s also a simple store area that uses PayPal add-to-cart buttons and lightroom to display the product photos.

The hosting came with limited email space so I also set up Google Apps for the account so everyone can use Gmail with its vast free storage for their emails.

This is an example of a site that uses plugins to take WordPress from beyond its usual scope of being just blog software to being a full-on “Web 2.0” Content Management System and have it all manageable through WordPress’ famously simple-to-use, back-end admin panel.

If you’re interested in hearing more about which plugins I used, just use the comment form below. If you’re interested in having me do it all for you contact me with the details.