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Volusion Template Design

One of the easiest ways to start selling your products online is with There are several themes to choose from when you create your store but they can look a little generic and outdated. You want to stand out. I can help.

Got something to publicize? Order a poster

I just finished a series of 7 posters to advertise new course offerings at a local college. All I need is a picture (that you own the copyright to, or is licensed for free use), the text, style you’re aiming for and dimensions and a few hours later I’ll send you a draft. You suggest  Continue Reading »

Banner ads don’t have to be annoying

Here are some I designed for a nifty little gadget – a powerful LED flashlight that recharges in your car’s cigarette lighter… If you’re interested in buying a lighter, try If you’d like me to design some web ad banners for you in a range of sizes, call me or shoot me an email!

Centro Educativo Nueva Era

I gave it a facelift… WordPress has come so far in the last five years it’s now a perfect Content Management System so there’s no need for anything to be ‘static’. *Edit* 2011 */Edit* This is a site for a primary school in Guadalajara, Mexico. It’s a (non WordPress) brochure site which provides lots of  Continue Reading »