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10 + tips for your non-profit website

I’ve created several websites for non-profit organizations. If you’re on a budget, here are 10 inexpensive and useful ideas to make sure your NGO’s site is maximizing its potential.

WordPress as a CMS explained…

…brilliantly. This site explains the steps for creating a WordPress site, details its advantages, provides articles, video tutorials, ideas, themes, you name it… A fantastic all-round resource that I wish I’d written myself. Of course, if it still looks a tad intimidating and you’d prefer things explained in person or want someone who’s done  Continue Reading »

WordPress CMS vs. Static Pages

There are many reasons why a WordPress site is better for you than a traditional static site. The main ones being: You don’t have to call up your web person every time you want to make edits to the content Super easy to upload photos, videos, music, documents, etc… It’s optimized for search engines from  Continue Reading »

I need a website, what’s next?

I just read an excellent article that explains what the various options are for your website and also has good definitions of terms like CMS, Platform and pros and cons of various approaches. Click on over there, then come back and if you have any questions.