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April 23, 2010 : Mexico (, , )

There was an art collective in Oaxaca stencilling (Banksy-style) creations all over the town. We managed to get to the official opening of a gallery exhibit- Disociales. I’m fairly sure this is by the same folks- it was in a little boutique with “no photography allowed” signs. Made to be broken, etc…

In other news, I’ve made a few tweaks to this site, a prize if you can spot them… nothing major but you might like to try out the Random Image Slideshow (beta)

The Golden Hour 3 Crows x 4 Cuervos Stop Según el sapo… Bridge across the Bokeh Hospicio Cabañas Guachimontones Torta Ahogada de Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Best seat in the house Heron in the autumn
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