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Got something to publicize? Order a poster

I just finished a series of 7 posters to advertise new course offerings at a local college. All I need is a picture (that you own the copyright to, or is licensed for free use), the text, style you’re aiming for and dimensions and a few hours later I’ll send you a draft. You suggest  Continue Reading »

Tequila Seminar 2007 CD Cover

SIT 2007 is using a photo of mine from Tequila for their CD-ROM cover. It’s available at all good Mexican Academic Libraries Here’s the original.

Banner ads don’t have to be annoying

Here are some I designed for a nifty little gadget – a powerful LED flashlight that recharges in your car’s cigarette lighter… If you’re interested in buying a lighter, try If you’d like me to design some web ad banners for you in a range of sizes, call me or shoot me an email!