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10 + tips for your non-profit website

I’ve created several websites for non-profit organizations. If you’re on a budget, here are 10 inexpensive and useful ideas to make sure your NGO’s site is maximizing its potential.

Volusion Template Design

One of the easiest ways to start selling your products online is with There are several themes to choose from when you create your store but they can look a little generic and outdated. You want to stand out. I can help.

I need a website, what’s next?

I just read an excellent article that explains what the various options are for your website and also has good definitions of terms like CMS, Platform and pros and cons of various approaches. Click on over there, then come back and if you have any questions.

Photography Portfolio WordPress Site

As you’ve probably gathered I’m very much into photography. I upload most of my photos to Flickr, but I wanted a site to showcase my favourites. Presenting !